Nonprofit Organizations

Meet your fundraising goals! Let Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. (“RCF”) help you increase charitable contributions to support the mission and communities that you serve through a branded Fundraising Program. We offer many customized solutions for nonprofit organizations to reduce due diligence, overhead costs and administrative responsibilities.

RCF currently serves as the sponsoring charity for 13 branded Donor Advised Fund Programs. We know how to customize programs that are unique to each organization. By outsourcing to RCF, your organization can focus on your mission and the donors who support your causes. You will have full access to a staff of professional experts including attorneys, accountants and planned giving advisors to help your organization meet its fundraising goals.

Available Options Include:

  • Make RCF the sponsoring charity of your Donor Advised Fund Program.
  • Create a restricted endowment fund with RCF.
  • Allow RCF to work with donors who want to give your organization complicated assets such as closely-held business interests, art or real estate.
  • Utilize RCF to assist you with complex gift structure.
  • Transfer your Private Foundation to a Donor-Advised Fund


  • Meet fundraising goals.
  • Reduce due diligence risk.
  • Minimize overhead costs.
  • Decrease administrative responsibilities.
  • Lessen filing requirements.

If you’re ready to get started, or to learn more, please contact one of our consultants today at 866-803-0389 or