Frequently Asked Questions

  • Almost anyone can open a Donor-Advised Fund including individuals, families, companies, foundations, and other entities.

  • Establishing a Donor-Advised Fund with RCF is easy!
    • Simply start by completing the Donor-Advised Fund Application.
    • Then work with your trusted financial advisor to open an investment account with Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. listed as the account owner. Make sure that your financial advisor has a copy of the Investment Advisor Instructions needed to ensure that the account is opened correctly.
    • Finally, transfer assets to the newly opened account. The minimum initial contribution amount is $5,000.
    Once the assets have been transferred you will be issued login credentials to, a secure website to begin managing your Donor-Advised Fund, including making grant recommendations to qualified charities.

  • You can establish a Donor-Advised Fund with RCF for as little as $5,000. We accept gifts of cash, publicly-traded assets and, in some cases, complex assets such as closely-held business interests, art or real estate.

    Additionally, you can make additional contributions to your Donor-Advised Fund any time you want for as little as $1,000. This allows you the flexibility to continue to grow the fund for the greatest impact to the charities you want to support.

  • We accept charitable contributions of cash and publicly-traded assets such as mutual fund shares, publicly-traded stocks, ETFs and bonds.

    We also accept contributions of most complex assets such as closely-held business interests, art and real estate; however, these types of assets must be reviewed by RCF prior to contribution. For more information about contributions of complex assets, please contact us at 866-803-0389 or

  • You should select a name that best reflects how you want your fund to be recognized to charities when making grants. There are no restrictions on the name that you select. Some common fund names include:
    • A name in honor of themselves, such as “The John and Jane Smith Charitable Fund”.
    • A name in honor of their family, such as “The Smith Family Foundation”.
    • A name in honor of a relative or friend, such as “Robin Smith’s Legacy Fund”.
    • A name that includes a cause that is important, such as “The Smith Educational Fund”.
    • A name that helps them remain anonymous, such as “The Educational Fund”.

  • Yes. Donor-Advised Funds are a great way for parents to involve children and grandchildren in tying together philanthropy and shared family values. Simply name your children as a grant advisor or successor grant advisor and they can assume the role as soon as they are 18 years of age.

  • There are no limits on how many contributions can be made to your Donor-Advised Fund. You can make additional contributions to your fund any time you want for as little as $1,000. This allows you the flexibility to continue to grow the fund for the greatest impact to the charities you want to support.

  • Yes. Contributions into your Donor-Advised Fund are eligible for immediate tax deduction. Therefore, Renaissance provides you with written confirmation of your contributions that serves as a receipt for tax purposes.

  • No. The income accrued in your Donor-Advised Fund helps your fund grow in order to benefit your favorite charities. However, only contributions to "Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc." are tax deductible.

  • Yes. RCF allows grants to eligible international and non-501(c)(3) organizations. Because there is significant additional vetting required on these types of organizations, it may take longer than normal to process the grant.

    In many cases, we will recommend the use of an associated American “Friends of” organization that has been established to support international organizations. This will allow us to expedite the grant process.

  • Yes. When you submit a grant recommendation, you will also have the ability to select how you wish to be recognized when the grant is sent to the charity. This includes the ability to issue the grant anonymously. Additionally, you have the ability to recognize the name of the fund, the name(s) of the donors or use a special recognition such as “in honor of”, “in memory of”, “on behalf of” or “in gratitude for”.

  • To allow you to better support the charities of your choice, the minimum grant amount is $250.

  • Yes. You will be provided with login credentials to access your Donor-Advised Fund through our secure website. The website provides you with the ability to:
    • View the status of your fund including the current value, contribution history and grant history.
    • Make changes to your contact information.
    • Provide information regarding contributions that you intend to make.
    • Submit grant recommendations.
    • View quarterly statements and correspondence such as tax receipt letters.

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